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What is Crossfit

For us, Crossfit is the set of specialties worked equally and at high intensities, which cause the subject to improve their physical condition global, their mental strength and teamwork, improving the quality of life. It is the sum of everything beneficial in the world of sports. It is strength, it is speed, it is power, it is flexibility, it is resistance, it is health,…, it is the sum of all of them:

Crossfit is
  • Cardio resistance
  • Resistance (stamina)
  • Force
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Precision

But it is not only that, it is much more. It is the day-to-day work, the benefit of that job. The results obtained week by week. Fostering companionship and involvement of oneself with others. The satisfaction of having met a challenge and be eligible for new ones. The constant evolution of the subject, the person, the being. Get to know yourself better. Reach previously unsuspected limits. To compete against oneself, in a nutshell, Making You Better (Make U Better).

This fitness regimen was developed by coach Greg Glassman. He was born in United States. He was the first person in history to define fitness in a significant and appreciable way (increased ability to work through a wide command of time and actions). Yes crossfit is defined like that discipline that optimizes fitness (it is a constant variation of functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity). CrossFit is also the community, the whole or the environment that is generated spontaneously when people do these exercises together, as a team. In fact, the appearance CrossFit Community is a key component of why it is so effective.

Make U Better

CrossFit begins with an absolute belief in the subjects fitness. Your goal is forge a broad, general and complete spectrum, trying to build a program that best prepare students for any physical contingency - not only for the known, but also for the unknown. After searching in multitude of sports and collective physical activities, we wonder what are the physical skills and adaptations that are most universally presented to increase performance. These capabilities drawn from all sports disciplines and Interrelated would be logically good for all disciplines. In summary, our specialty is non-specialization.

Can I do Crossfit?

Naturally, it only takes desire and an hour of your time to dedicate to it. It is not It is necessary to have an advanced physical fitness, the workouts are adapted to each person and here the important thing is to participate. You come to try and we already We will take you correctly to your goals. You will see that soon time and if you are constant at work, you will have a reward and you will be even more encouraged to continue working.

If you already have a level in the world of sports, dont worry, as it is scalable to all levels. You will soon realize that there is nothing like it and with so good results.

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